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Analysis of the prospects for the development of the network
With the rapid development of industry technology, the demand for material also higher. Security monitoring
industry experiences to the transition from traditional analog control to digital surveillance .At the same time, network, high definition, intelligence is gradually integrated into the development trend. Intelligent video analysis, including intelligent video diagnostics, peripheral prevent moving target detection, face recognition, lens protection and other intelligence analysis applied; the continuous improvement of the HD and IPC technical indicators intelligent video surveillance system image quality up to HD standard has become a reality, and image quality in the future of five megapixel or more is no longer a dream.

1. Status quo of China's security industry
China's security industry is mainly composed of the following types of enterprises: Firstly, the production of security products (including electronic protection, physical protection and other products) based on production-oriented enterprises; Secondly, Based enterprises to provide solutions; Thirdly, gathered research and development, production, sales as one of the company; Fourth, distribution and agency (including domestic and foreign products) based channel partners.

In simple terms, the channel edge enterprise major marketing focus to production-oriented enterprises is the focus on R & D and production, and has a strong brand influence, R & D production and sales of an enterprise, with higher market share. Under the networking and digital tide, some companies have research and development trend of the IPC, I believe that the market prospects of IPC will be more bright in the future.

2. The network camera will become a mainstream
The coexistence of analog and digital in the monitor market of monitor, but as a new force of the video surveillance industry, along with the networking, high-definition, intelligent rapid development and promotion, the entire security industry will across from analog to network .So the network camera has become a leader of the security industry, front-end video capture products.

3. The advantage of IP camera
IP camera walks on the technology front, represents the most advanced security technology, network cameras, compared with traditional analog video camera, quite a lot of advantages.

4. Security industry's concerns on network cameras
IP monitoring has been widely accepted; almost all monitor manufacturers have introduced IP-based surveillance solution, which clearly reflects the attitude of the security sector for IP surveillance. IP surveillance to replace the traditional analog surveillance system is an inevitable trend.
As a fusion of technology integration and industrial development of the market, any new things will have some concerns, different concerns are not the same. The concerns of the network camera can be summarized into three aspects: First, the network bandwidth limitations: the second is how to achieve efficient transmission of huge amounts of data and storage: how to achieve the perfect centralized management.

5. Analysis of the development of digital network cameras
Despite the digital network cameras have some difficulties to be overcome, but they can not stop the momentum of rapid development of digital network cameras. By the above-mentioned advantages of network cameras, for the future development of the network cameras and IP digital surveillance can be summarized into the following directions:
Firstly, HD needs: one million high-definition monitor
Secondly, Demand for wireless and 3G network: wireless and 3G network monitoring applications
Thirdly, Uniform standards: a unified development and integration of standard
Forth, Intelligent demand: intelligent video analysis
Fifth, Storage Services: IP high-capacity storage and automatic backup design.